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Farmers Market Demo

  • Chico City Plaza 132 West 4th Street Chico, CA, 95928 United States (map)

Come and check us out at Farmers Market.We have been given an opportunity to bring this martial art we love to the Farmers market. Needless to say this is an incredible time to show what we do and hopefully get more people into classes. I know all classes are small at this point, so getting some new people in would be great for our axe!

The performance will be on the main stage at thursday night farmers market and we will be performing at 6pm, 7pm and 8pm. Each for around 20 minutes. We plan on doing some maculele, capoeira, solos, etc....maybe even getting a cameo from african dance if we don't think we can fill time.

We have roughly a month to prepare. I will try and add some extra training times in the mornings to give us more time to practice/prepare. Also, our saturday music class will now turn into a prep/practice class for the performance. I will give a few days notice before extra practice classes, all performance classes will be free so we can make sure we are on point for the market.

I know that not everyone on this list still does capoeira, but if you could find it in your heart to come out and help we really need it. A performance with only 5 people on that big stage will not look as good as one that has 20 people. Even if you don't want to play capoeira, maybe you sing songs or play instruments to help out so others can play. The bigger our presence the better the performance.

Sapeca and I will try and bring in some ringers from other areas to help out with this performance, but we can not rely on them, as it is asking a lot for people to drive for a performance, with no pay.

This could be the boost that both groups need to grow. Please come out and help support this wonderful community we are trying to build.

Also, there is a possibility we will be doing some friday workshops the day after the performance, if we can get some people to come up and help, so keep that in mind.