All local classes are lead by senior student teachers with supervision and direction by approved Capoeira Malês teachers.


Javier "Quebra Osso" Herrera

Student Capoeira Teacher
Kids & Adults Program Coordinator - Chico, CA

"Quebra Osso" aka "The Bone Breaker" has been training Capoeira for 12 years, with 6 years experience overseeing Capoeira in Chico, CA. He holds the highest rank student belt in Capoeira Malês Belt System and is currently working on achieving the next step of becoming an Instructor, first rank in our teacher level bracket.


Mestre Curisco

Capoeira Master
Founder of Capoeira Malês

Mestre Curisco was born in Ipatinga, Minas Gerais Brazil. He began teaching Capoeira as a Mestre in Seattle at the request of a small group of students.

Since his arrival, this original group of five students has grown into an internationally renowned school, Capoeira Malês. Mestre Curisco means “Master Lightning”, but his students simply call him Mestre.

Mestre Curisco stresses discipline, humility, and self-motivation. He is dedicated to bringing the roots of Brazilian Capoeira to his students.


Mestre Lua Branca

Capoeira Master
Co-Founder of Capoeira Malês

Also from Ipatinga, Lua developed an interest in Capoeira at the age of six and studied for many years in his hometown.

He continued his training and joined Mestre Curisco in December 2004 while at the rank of Contra-Mestre. After a few more years, he finally achieved the top rank of Mestre.

Mestre Lua Branca oversees his own academy in Vancouver, Canada, but helps supervisor students teaching in Brazil, the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.


Contra-Mestre Jabá

Capoeira Sub-Master
Senior Teacher Capoeira Malês

Jaba has been training Capoeira for over 20 years. C.M. Jabá started with a free community Capoeira program for kids available only to students 17 or under, training almost every single day and sometimes multiple times a day to attend rodas, presentations, and performances. After his 18th birthday, he kept up his daily Capoeira training regime attending as many Capoeira classes as possible, sometimes having to travel over an hour to the class.

C.M. Jabá introduces Capoeira not only as a class but as a way of life.His dedication and passion for Capoeira is truly inspirational and crucial in building a close-knitted Capoeira community across the continent.